Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Training workshop for the powerful SWOT analysis tool

Background of the SWOT analysis tool
The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis tool forms the heart of identifying the right products to develop. Developed from the marketing community the SWOT analysis tool can be applied to any goods, services and processes that are under consideration. The SWOT analysis tool has also been successfully deployed in other business situations where several options or solutions are being considered.

The SWOT analysis tool
The SWOT analysis tool (combined with brainstorming activities and other investigative methods) essentially lists the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relating to an area of interest. For example a potential new product compared to that of a competitor. The main thrust of this tool is to turn all the identified strengths, weaknesses and threats into opportunities. These opportunities can become business strategies which can be prioritised and then be implemented to give a competitive business advantage.

The SWOT analysis training course
This on-site training course starts with an overview of the SWOT analysis tool and the SWOT analysis process. The training course then guides the trainee through the step by step process of how to conduct a SWOT analysis on goods, services and processes. Worked examples are given of a SWOT analysis applied to goods, services and processes. This training course is given in English and is designed to impart the capability to perform a SWOT analysis. This SWOT analysis training course comes complete with the SWOT analysis template. No prior knowledge is required or assumed and no special tools are needed.
This course is targeted at the product design engineers, the manufacturing engineers and the programme managers delivering new products. All our courses are designed to be informal and are based around a series of discussions and practical exercises.

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