Friday, 28 September 2012

Business troubleshooting – on-line workshops, consultancy and mentoring

Business troubleshooting
Troubleshooting a failing business can be a very challenging project to undertake as there are so many options to follow. Finding the true root causes of a failing business may mean digging deeper than you might think. Many times the business leadership team will be chasing symptoms and not causes and there are so many areas of your business to look at, including the people involved.
This may even involve the business owner looking into a mirror to find the problem. Businesses are owned and run by people and any business is only as good as the capability of the leadership team. The leadership team knowledge zones, comfort zones and activity zones are frequently to blame whereas, for example, offering the wrong products is actually a symptom and not the root cause.
These proven business troubleshooting strategies and methods will provide you with the information you’ll need to resolve the problems within your business and provide you with the most suitable way forward.

On-line workshops
These business troubleshooting on-line workshops guide you through a step by step process which you can follow at your own pace. This training workshop is given in English and is designed to impart knowledge and capability, allowing you to re-use the information over and over again.
All the necessary worksheets, templates and examples are given as part of the on-line workshops.
The user name and keycode can be used as many times as needed and by as many individuals as needed.

With consultancy we will work on your behalf and with your support. We will analyze your current position and needs, then produce your desired results.
The consultancy can be delivered at your business, remotely or a combination of both depending on demand and location.

Mentoring is a long term relationship that imparts the necessary information and skills you’ll need as your business moves forward. With the mentoring program we’ll work with you on a one to one basis to help you and your business by sharing the knowledge and insights needed to facilitate your personal and professional troubleshooting.
The mentoring program is delivered through weekly meetings which can be face to face or via the phone depending on your location. There is also unlimited email support for you.

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