Friday, 14 September 2012

On-line Product Development FMEA training

Background of the FMEA tool
The Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) tool forms the heart of robust product development. Developed from the engineering community the FMEA tool can be applied to any goods, services or processes that are being developed. The FMEA tool has also been successfully deployed in problem solving situations as it brings discipline and structure to the problem analysis

The FMEA tool
The FMEA tool essentially breaks the product down into parts and considers the function of each part of the product. All the potential failures of each part are then reviewed and scored to give a set of priorities. The product developers can then change the goods, services and processes to avoid the potential failure from occurring. As the failures never occur the customers never experience them. The quality of the goods, services or processes are thereby improved

Applications of the FMEA tool
The FMEA tool can be used where any goods, services or processes are being developed. Applications include; design of consumer goods, website development, restaurant front of house error proofing, manufacturing process development, hotel services, software development etc. Essentially the FMEA tool should be applied in the development of any goods, services and processes where error proofing will improve the quality of the product offered to the customers

The FMEA training course
This web based FMEAtraining course starts with an overview of the FMEA tool and the FMEA process. The training course then guides the trainee through a step by step process of how to conduct an FMEA on goods, services and processes. Worked examples are given of an FMEA applied to goods, services and processes. This training course is given in English and is designed to impart the capability to perform an FMEA. This FMEA training course comes complete with a free download of the FMEA template and the necessary scoring charts. No prior knowledge is required or assumed and no special tools are needed.

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