Tuesday, 25 September 2012

On-site training workshop for the powerful APQP product quality process

Background of the APQP tool
The Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process forms the very heart of robust product development. Developed for the engineering community the APQP tool can be applied to any goods, services or processes that are being developed. The APQP tool has also been successfully deployed in problem solving situations as it brings discipline and structure to the problem analysis.

The APQP tool
The APQP process essentially breaks product development down into 5 basic steps and puts product quality at the heart of each step. The 5 APQP steps are:
  • Plan and define the program
  • Product design and development
  • Process design and development
  • Product and process validation
  • Feedback assessment and corrective action
Applications of the APQP tool
The APQP tool can be used where any goods, services or processes are being developed and is used extensively in the Automotive environment. Essentially the APQP process should be applied in the development of any products where error proofing will improve the quality of the product offered to the customers.

The APQP training course
This one day on-site APQP PPAP training course starts with an overview of the APQP tool and the APQP process.The intent of this and all our training courses is not to tell or show the trainees what to do but to impart the capability to perform the required tasks. There is no limit to the number of trainees but we strongly recommend no more than 5 individuals attend per course. We find that if there are any more than this the training becomes ineffective and wasteful.
This course is targeted at the product design engineers, the manufacturing engineers and the programme managers delivering new products. This training course is given in English. All our courses are designed to be informal and are based around a series of discussions and practical exercises.

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